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Kitchen Remodel (Part 01)

Here's a first look at our ongoing kitchen remodel!

I was going to wait a while before posting about this, but our A/C unit fried recently, and that wiped out all of the money we had saved for the new kitchen counters. It also put a hold on replacing the sink and sink cabinet, since (even though we have the parts) that needs to be replaced almost simultaneously with the counters.

The delay is actually helpful in one way. I still have to finish the walls, ceiling, and window frames, so I can continue to stand on the old counters and not worry about damaging them. So there's that.
The Setup When we first decided to remodel the kitchen, the focus was to replace the sink and sink cabinet, paint the cabinets white, and replace the warped pressboard countertops with granite. However...

The ceilings throughout our house are 10' high, except in the 9' high kitchen. There were also two soffits - one above the refrigerator and another above the sink - so it was only 8' high …

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